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Video streaming service now available 24/7

Video streaming service now available 24/7

Aikido of London reference videos are now available 24/7 online. These are professionally produced videos for Aikido, Aikido weapons, Iaido and other related material. The service is by annual subscription and streams on all devices including – pc, ipads, smart phones and TV.

Currently there are video clips on Muso shinden Ryu Iaido – Shoden level right side (left side will be uploaded soon). Following shortly is the Chuden level Iaido right and left side and Hayanuki. Shindo Munen Ryu Tachi Iai will also follow in the following months. There are high quality weapons reference videos filmed at the dojo with the assistance and support of Yahe Solomon Sensei, a fellow Uchi Deshi from our San Diego days. This will grow steadily as well as other material including Aikido basics and variations.

Subscription is available at this link for an annual fee of £40pa.

Please ensure any training is conducted with qualified instructors and supervision for your own safety.

Shohatto from Video on Demand
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