How long is a piece of string?

“How long is this going to take?”, I asked. We were in Eagle St where…

Stress and other matters …. part 2

One evening some of the dojo members were invited to the Chiba household for dinner.…

Stress and other matters…. part 1

The stress and pressure of training in San Diego Aikikai was a given, the norm.…

A Day in the life – part 2

It was and still is astonishing to me that this environment was created in North…

A Day in the life – part 1

The alarm goes off to start the day. It is 6am and not my favourite…

Zen – An Aikido Perspective

I was still in England when I got interested in Zen Buddhism. I was impressed by Zen and Japanese culture written by Daisetz Suzuki Roshi. This was a very influential work in disseminating Buddhist culture to the western reader. It was so different from anything I had read before and gave a more “intellectual” grasp of the practice if such a thing were possible. I had experienced some meditation over the years

Ismail Hasan and Chiba Sensei
Masters and Apprentices

An observation of Chiba Sensei’s daily life reveals someone who walked a fine line between health and illness. He pushed hard burning the candle on both ends. His own acupuncturist couldn’t say it clearer when he said: “he is either very good or very bad, with nothing in between.

Chiba Sensei Arrives

The sun was intense, the heat overwhelming. It was a very hot day even for Southern California. Some phenomena called the Santa Ana. I would soon enter the dojo and get dressed into uniform for the late afternoon Aikido class. Stretching and bending, doing my best to limber up as I prepared myself. It wasn’t easy. What with jet lag in the body, a nasty bug